In this connection, the term “local history” gives a unified expression to the activity that Luster kommune has chosen to engage in. Among others, it has chosen to do so in order to secure the transfer of comprehensive information and knowledge to the next generations about the type of local community and conditions that out ancestors helped shape. In addition, local history is a type of introduction to our recent past that does not necessarily have to be complete. Rather, it invites those interested to go into the material on their own or in another way makes them engage in one or more of the subjects mentioned.

Local history is a good ballast
for those who want to understand “why’s” and “how’s” about today’s situation. Insight into local history is also a good precondition to understand the future. Therefore, it is not incidental that Luster’s sister city in the USA, Viroqua in Vernon County, Wisconsin, has the following motto: “Looking forward into the past”.

Local historical subjects and products
This simple presentation on the internet is aiming at informing about local historical topics and products. For instance, additional material and sources may be linked up to our web pages or you will find more information by contacting the Luster kommune library.