The table below shows how far the project has come in finishing the remaining volumes of the former parish of Hafslo in present Luster kommune. The division of volumes is not entirely determined, but if we follow what has been done in the previous volumes the different farms will be mentioned in relation to their location according to rural parish borders within Hafslo. As a rough estimate, we may imply that the Joranger rural parish will be included in volume 6, Fet rural parish including the Mollandsmarki area in volume 7, Hafslo rural parish with the Veitastrond area in volume 8, the rest of Hafslo parish will be included in volume 9 + 10 while it seems very likely that we will include the farms in Solvorn rural parish in volume 11 + 12. The total amount of written material is so large that it will be hard to keep the upper limit of 1000 pages per volume if we are to limit the publication according to the original plan counting 4 volumes for Hafslo parish.
The table is divided into two time periods, where we show how far the author of both the farm history as well as the author of the family history have come in terms of writing the manuscript covering the different time periods.

We show the status as a percentage of the entire manuscript within the different time periods, for instance the time period prior to 1500 AD, between 1500 and 1820 and between 1820 and the year 2000. In addition, we point out the order in which we have given priority to the farms which manuscript is not yet finished. This is the case with several large farms both in Hafslo as well as in Solvorn where our plan is to distribute the proof-reading work among several co-workers who will rectify the content of the manuscript in several parishes simultaneously.

To the far right the table shows the heading that reads “status printerkorrektur” which shows how far the bygdebok committee (bb) and the bygdebok author (bbs) have come with the manuscript in terms of correcting it. The manuscript that is sent out to the bygdebok committee for proof-reading covers the family history from large parts of the 18th century until the year 2000. If one has checked off the square entitled “retur til bygdebokskriver”, it means that the author has written a preliminary manuscript of that specific farm that has been sent out to the bygdebok committee for proof-reading, and that this part of the manuscript has been returned to the author in a rectified and completed state.

It is the intention of both the publisher and the bygdebok committee that all who wish so are welcome to update information on their own family. But this means that the persons concerned personally take the initiative to update actual information on their family by contacting the publisher.

The division of volumes is for the time being put up with seven different volumes (volumes 6 through 12):

  • Volume 6: Joranger rural parish including the farm Ytre Eikum, Indre Eikum, Notedal, Vedvik and Dversdal
  • Volume 7: Fet rural parish with Mollandsmarki
  • Volume 8: Hafslo parish, part 1: Veitastrond
  • Volume 9: Hafslo parish, part 2: The main settlement of Hafslo from Oklevk and Kvam nedre to Tang
  • Volume 10: Hafslo parish part 3: The main settlement of Hafslo from Mo to Kjos
  • Volume 11: Solvorn parish part 1. The main settlement of Solvorn from Kjeldedal to Valaker "the small one"

To be finished:

  • Volume 12: Solvorn parish part 2 with Kroken ytre, Urnes, Kinsedal and Åsen.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to order or to buy volume 12

Below you can follow the status for the bygdebok project (i.e. the Luster farm and family history covering the former parish of Hafslo) as of today