There are a great number of organizations within culture and sport in Luster. Nature itself offers a lot of outdoor activities summer and winter.

Cultural Traditions
Cultural life in Luster has a long history. Luster was early chosen as a center for both national and international activities. Dating back to the 1300s Luster is described as the seat of the king's private messenger to Iceland. In the centuries were Luster and particularly Kroken a center for guests and visiting duck. Even today there is great cultural activity in the community, both through organizational life and culture school

Sports and activities

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  • Hiking easy paths and trails
  • Fishing
  • Glacier tours
  • Sogn Skisenter The ski lift at HeggmyraneHafslois one of the longest in the country and leads to lots of tracksLifts 1845m / 512 m, junior lift 250m. Fine conditions for paragliding and snowboardingPossibilities for rental of equipment.
  • Sognefjellet sommarskisenter has fine conditions for cross country skiing in summer
  • Lustrabadet  in Gaupne offers facilities for training, play and wellness.

Skjolden, Luster, Gaupne and Hafslo have local sports teams training football, atlethics and more.

Music and performing

Choirs in Skjolden, Jostedal, Indre Hafslo and Hafslo

Brass bands in Luster, Gaupne and Jostedal

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